Wiz Khalifa blew a bunch of weed smoke in the face of Childish Gambino's "Redbone," resulting in "Stay Stoned (Redbone Weedmix)." Khalifa's take on Gambino's celebrates marijuana's increasing legality in the States, changing the track's original chorus to "I stay stoned, 'cause weed is legal." Khalifa also urges listeners not to blow his high.

Stream "Stay Stoned," part of Khalifa's ongoing Weedmix series, below:

Speaking with Triple J in December, Gambino explained that Awaken, My Love! actually didn't include a ton of vocal effects, as some had incorrectly assumed. "I think people hear 'Redbone' and they're like 'Oh, he switched up his vocals,'" he said. "There was no vocal pitching on the album. I just sang differently . . . Some sounds on it aren't instruments at all. They're just, like, my voice, or just clicks on my tongue."


The track was prominently featured in Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out earlier this year. Peele, speaking with HipHopDX in February, said the track's lyrics inspired him to include it in his film. "I love the 'Stay woke' [lyric]," Peele said. "That's what this movie is about. I wanted to make sure that this movie satisfied the black horror movie audience's need for characters to be smart and do things that intelligent, observant people would do."

For a closer look at the development of "Redbone," check out Ludwig Göransson's recent appearance on Genius' "Deconstructed" series below:

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