Donald Glover, arguable king of 2016, called in to Big Boy's Neighborhood Tuesday to talk about all the cool shit he currently has on the books. In case you somehow missed the news, Glover is now set to join the Star Wars franchise AND the forthcoming Spider-Man reboot. Atlanta, Glover's hit FX series, is also set to follow its award-winning first season with a batch of new episodes in 2018. And let's not forget those Chance the Rapper rumors (!!!) or that recently confirmed Lion King news. So yeah. This is a very busy dude.

Glover confirmed to Big Boy that the writing for Atlanta's sophomore season is well underway. However, Glover is cautious about sprinting to the finish line too soon. "It's written for the most part," he said. "Me and my brother have been writing it and the writing staff has written a bunch of stuff so there is a lot of stuff, but there's also a lot of stuff happening in the world. So I don't want to write it too early."

Though Glover wasn't able to offer any fresh details on his mystery Spider-Man: Homecoming character, he did have some semi-promising thoughts to share regarding a possible Chance collab. "We'll see what happens," Glover said after joking that he may never see Chance again following his Grammy success earlier this month. "We actually, like, sat down in the studio and were talking for a little bit." Working via email, Glover added, is not in the cards for the possible project. "I don't think it makes for good work," he said.

Until then, we can rest easy knowing that—judging by the recently released cast photo above—the untitled Han Solo solo movie is definitely going to be an instaclassic. "People are excited about it," Glover told Big Boy Tuesday, "but I also get to do it in a new way, and I take it really seriously. I've been studying every day!"

The film, co-directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, started production this week and is set to hit theaters on May 25, 2018.