You knew it was going to happen. Last night, Funkmaster Flex got back on Instagram Live to discuss his comments about 2Pac shooting himself at Quad Studios in 1994. During said livestream, Flex got a little emotional, exclaiming that "they lied" about the Notorious B.I.G. setting 2Pac up to be robbed at the Quad that night. If you give the internet anything, especially where you show some kind of human emotion, they will pounce on it, and it will be turned into a meme.

Up above is a video that Mike Epps posted on Instagram, showing him giving his best Funk Flex impression, but instead of his claims of people lying about the Pac and B.I.G. situation, it was about Flex being "​really mad at just 4 men & Beijing" over his beard. It's pretty damn spot on, and Flex doesn't appear to be tripping over the clip, which he reposted to his own Instagram with the caption "@eppsie Hahaha!!! I just turned 100 my brother!!! I'm a try that challenge tho !! #punkflexchallenge"

Now keep in mind, when Everyday Struggle co-host DJ Akademiks posted this on Twitter, he said "the Funk Flex Challenge has been started," but it actually looks like the #FunkFlexChallenge had been underway on Instagram, with a number of users doing their best "they lied" impressions.

Twitter can't be left out either, though.

Others just posted still photos, which don't pack the same comedic punch.


they Liiiiiiied!!!!!! #FunkmasterflexChallenge #Comedy #Noopsy #Memes #IFWT

A post shared by Noopsy Starkhild (@noopsystarkhild) on May 5, 2017 at 6:30am PDT

One user thinks that the Funk Flex crying face might replace the Michael Jordan crying face, but that feels a bit too premature. And ultimately, Mike Epps waxed the rest of these users with his impression. Something tells us the #FunkFlexChallenge will have us in stitches all weekend.