Funk Flex isn’t done speaking about 2Pac.

Earlier this week, the Hot 97 DJ faced a wave of backlash after ranting about the late rapper on social media. It began during an Instagram Live broadcast, in which Flex felt the need to speak “the truth” regarding 2Pac’s 1994 Quad Studios attack. He claimed Pac actually shot himself by mistake, and went on to blame Diddy and Biggie for the ambush as he was too afraid of the actual assailants. Of course, fans of Pac were quick to call out Flex, accusing him of disrespecting the legendary rapper. Even T.I. spoke out about Flex’s comments, suggesting the remarks were inappropriate.

“Respectfully Bruh… on G-Code…regardless of what YOU THINK the validity of your statement is, I was taught never to speak down on a dead man," T.I. said on Instagram. "Considering they ain't here to speak up for themselves."

On Thursday, Flex responded to his critics and explained why he continues to speak about 2Pac, more than 20 years after his death.

“Pac, of course, is from New York […] So people that’s trying to make this an East Coast-West Coast thing, that ain’t what it is. I was just speaking on a situation,” he said in a video. "I know everybody got a little testy, a little up in arms. I get it."

He admits he brought the wrong energy when speaking about Pac, and agrees the rapper made huge contributions to the rap world; however, he maintains Pac used Biggie as a scapegoat for the Quad robbery, which ultimately started the deadly rivalry.

"Notorious B.I.G. did not set [Pac] up in that studio that night to get robbed. That is my only issue," he said. "[...] There is no disrespect in anything I've said so far [...] We're having a conversation about the truth."

This was Flex's biggest point when it came to T.I. "Back to G-code. You a G, T.I. So you know...we ain't supposed to call false names on anything that happens to us in the street... He was screaming Biggie's name. 2Pac lied, bro."

Flex continued to make more claims about Pac throughout the video, including that there was a period where he was "scared to come to New York." 

Toward the end of the 40 minute video, Flex got extremely emotional. "He lied, and Biggie died. That's my only issue," he exclaimed. Flex also talked about Suge Knight, saying, "In New York, he didn't have no weight. He was no tough guy in this town." 

You can watch all 40 minutes and 58 seconds of the video above.