Justin Bieber is usually the guy providing the hooks on hip-hop tracks and not the one rapping, but it looks like he has a remix of Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" hiding somewhere. The Biebs apparently unleashed a few snippets of the remix on fans in attendance at 1OAK nightclub in New York City, where he made an appearance alongside The Chainsmokers.

Bieber has sort of a complicated history in the hip-hop world. Ludacris featured on one of his first massive singles, "Baby," and Bieber has consistently attracted top hip-hop talent to work with him on his music, even before his maturation as an artist. The Canadian singer has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Raekwon, Chance the Rapper, Future, Tyler, the Creator, and more during his career, and he's currently part of DJ Khaled's No. 1 single "I'm the One." He even had a few bars to drop off on Diplo's recent track, "Bank Roll," which mysteriously disappeared shortly after it was released. 

But in his younger days, the community saw him as a teenybopper fit to be mocked and distorted; the man behind the beats for Run the Jewels, El-P, once spliced together Bieber's song "Baby" with an old Wings song in what he called the "Justin Bieber Death Remix." Though Bieber's continued success makes it impossible to continue treating him like another flash-in-the-pan teen heartthrob, there will always be rappers and hip-hop lifers who don't want any part of him contributing to the culture.

Like it or not, it seems like Bieber bars are here to stay. You can listen to the preview of the remix up top, in which he claims, "Yeah I know my name is Justin, but justice is coming." Come at the Biebs at your own risk, other rappers.