PLGRMS, if you didn't know, is the Sydney-based duo of singer-songwriter Jacob Pearson and multi-instrumentalist songwriter/producer Jonathan Bowden. After sharing a handful of singles via SoundCloud, they're back with their new single "Dream You Up". It's a darker sound than previous singles and, as the title suggests, the track has a hazy, almost hypnotising quality to it, and Pearson's warm vocals even explore the ideas of dreams and drifting between different states of consciousness. 

"When there's mystery behind something or someone, it's so interesting and intriguing," Bowden explained. "By nature we just can't help ourselves and want to find out what it is. It's the anticipation and the thrill of what we don't understand. I've gone through it, but when you unveil the truth, the magic just disappears. So, it's about stopping yourself from understanding it completely, so that thrill can hang around a bit longer."

Six months since their last single, "Gemini", it's good to hear more from the Australian duo. Hopefully, we'll get an EP or even an album this year.

"Dream You Up" is out Apr. 20 via 0E0E Records.