After 20 years in the game, Detroit's Filthiest (fka DJ Nasty, fka Digitek) is still kicking out some of the most exciting club music going. His latest release as Detroit's Filthiest, Old English D, and in particular "Detroit Party", sees the ghettotech pioneer delve into the worlds of Miami bass and classic ghetto house with big bass lines, punchy 808s and 909s, and classic-sounding ghetto house vocals.

Though the Iraq-born producer doesn't really produce as Nasty anymore, his output's been really high since the switch-up in aliases. If his current work-rate's anything to go by, there's a solid chance we'll get more of this sort of madness throughout the year. Take a listen to "Detroit Party" exclusively below.

The Old English D EP drops Apr. 21 via Moveltraxx.

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