As XXXTentacion continues to take jabs at Drake, Migos member Offset is making it clear where his loyalties lie. Offset took to his Instagram feed to weigh in on the matter, and he didn’t hold back when offering commentary on the Broward County, Florida native who has targeted Drake.

“You niggas is silly,” Offset said. “How you unheard of talking about a nigga stole your swag? We ain’t even heard of you, shorty. Get your ass out of jail.”

The comments were made via Offset's Instagram "Stories" feed, and have since self-deleted. For those who missed the statements, DJ Akademiks captured them and offered some additional commentary. Offset's retort came after XXXTentacion recently called out Drake for using other rappers’ cadences in a social media post of his own.

“If he can do a whole fuckin’ album or at least two to three fuckin’ songs that does not sound like anybody else’s cadence, or does not have a sample, or just sounds like him originally, he’ll get my kudos,” XXXTentacion said. “I’ll run around the street butt-ass naked. I’ll tattoo Drake’s name on my ass cheeks. If he can be original for even two seconds or out-rap me for two seconds…or if he can go onstage, and sing any of his songs a capella with no Auto-tune, then just maybe I’ll shut the fuck up.”

Drake has already commercially and critically thrived despite well-publicized spats with Kendrick Lamar, Common, Meek Mill, and Tory Lanez, so things could get interesting if he decides to respond to XXXTentacion.

If the issue of a Migos member’s involvement in a spat over someone’s cadence sounds familiar, it’s no coincidence. Back in August of 2015, Takeoff and Quavo called out Drake for using a cadence they helped popularize on “Versace.”

“C'mon, Drizzy know he bit the flow!” Quavo told John Kennedy in an interview for Billboard. “Drizzy got on “Versace,” right? Then when I came on there I did ‘Versace/ Versace/Medusa head on me like I’m illuminati.’ My boy Drizzy Drake got them bars from me. We together though. We ain’t trippin’ on boss.”

For those keeping score, 2 Chainz and Gangsta Boo respectively called out Migos for failing to properly credit Memphis rapper Kingpin Skinny Pimp and Three 6 Mafia member Lord Infamous for the cadence used in “Versace.” Boo made her case via Twitter, while 2 Chainz brought up the matter on 2014’s “Trap Back”

As Akademiks pointed out in his commentary, history is repeating itself with an up and coming artist calling out an established rapper for co-opting a popular flow.