Earlier this month, we argued that Quavo was the most influential rapper of 2014—at least, so far.

We decided that the best way to prove our point, though, wasn't in writing, but through the evidence. Thus: the official unoffical Migos supercut, a look at all the rappers who've been inspired to rap in eighth-note triplets since the Migos arrived.

As a bonus, the end of the video, runs through the history of what's become known as the "Migos flow." After all, Quavo didn't create it. In fact, that it's called the "Migos flow" at all has become somewhat contentions:

(Dun Deal recently suggested that the "Migos flow" came from Gucci Mane, although to us, the part Dun Deal referred to sounded more like even eighth notes than triplets so it wasn't included.)

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