Jay IDK recently announced an exclusive partnership with Adult Swim which will see the DMV rapper produce visual content through the Cartoon Network programming block for his upcoming album.

It's a major move that proves Jay is learning how to maneuver​ through the industry, and that shines through as well on his new song "OMW," which is produced by Mike Hector and Nate Fox, and mixed by Alex Tumay.

"I just recently announced my partnership with Adult Swim for my next album. This is by far the biggest move we've made so far, Jay IDK told Complex via email. "'OMW' is just me telling the world I'm 'I'm on my way, the wave is coming.' So many people let the lack of instant gratification stop them. it almost stopped me, but instead of stopping I used it as fuel to get better."​

Check out Jay IDK's "OMW" below and look out for his upcoming album later this year.