Bobby Shmurda, who was sentenced to seven years in prison in October, is reportedly making less than $8 a week as a commissary clerk. Shmurda works in the Clinton Correctional Facility commissary for "between 10 to 25 cents an hour," TMZ reported Sunday. That hourly rate gives Shmurda an estimated weekly haul of "at most" $7.75.

TMZ's report also reveals that Shmurda was involved in a fight with other inmates back in November. Though no one was seriously injured during the encounter, Shmurda ended up doing 30 days in isolation. Additionally, Shmurda temporarily lost phone and commissary access.


In February, Shmurda accepted a plea deal after confessing that he tried to get a shank inside Rikers Island. "Is it true that on that date…that you did, in fact, possess a white latex glove balloon wrapped in tape with a sharp metal object?" Bronx Supreme Court Judge Marc Whitten asked Shmurda of the 2015 incident, according to Bossip. "Attempted, yes sir," Shmurda said. The plea added 1.3 to four years to his sentence.

Speaking exclusively with Complex after a previous plea deal resulted in seven years for conspiracy and weapons charges, Shmurda said the Epic team had remained supportive. "I explained the whole situation to Epic and they were behind me all the way," he told Complex in September. "We had big-money lawyers and they still couldn't do nothing because of the judge, who looked at us like black thugs."

Shmurda recently released a new freestyle by way of telephone during a discussion with Meek Mill and Trav: