When Makonnen came out as gay on Twitter in January, he was met with a wave of love and support from fans. In a Rolling Stone interview published weeks later, however, Makonnen's coming out was met with perplexing comments from Migos. In a candid new interview with the Fader, Makonnen directly addressed Migos' comments and further clarified his business relationship with Drake.

Asked why the time felt right to come out, Makonnen mentioned the then-forthcoming Trump inauguration. "I'm living," he told Amos Barshad. "I'm 27. The world is changing, right? Donald Trump [was] about to make his big announcement on the goddamn 20th [of January]. Everybody know I'm gay and shit, so it's like, I might as well go ahead and make my little announcement to the world so I can move on with my life."


Asked about Migos' Rolling Stone comments, Makonnen reminded readers that "Atlanta's big as fuck" and said he mostly had a strictly "music shit" relationship with the group. "Y'all gotta do y'all for face game to save your face," he said of Migos' follow-up statement, released after the controversy. "Y'all gots to do y'all. I'm gon' always do me. I got no animosity towards y'all. [Pause] Why is it about me? Why you talkin' about Makonnen? y'all 'Bad and Boujee' right now. Why we talkin' bout Makonnen? It's whatever. Ain't nobody hit me up personally. Y'all want to reach out to me? I'm not hard to find!"

Speaking on last year's widely reported VMAs afterparty run-in with Drake, Makonnen said he was "threatened by others" at the Up&Down club in NYC. "It was in the middle of the goddamn afterparty at the Up&Down club," he told Fader. "Everybody that was in there was in there. I'm in here around these Vanguard Awards and I'm accepted and I took pictures with Chainsmokers and G-Eazy and everybody and we all friends. And I'm here in the middle of the floor, no security, and they coming and I just step to the side and they see me and stop and the biggest motherfucker in the game goes, woo woo woo, 'Next time I'ma fuck you up!'"

Later in the Fader interview, Makonnen—without getting specific—said "if I look at your track record, when I was really in the streets selling dope you was on the goddamn TV screen acting." Ultimately, however, Makonnen said he still has the "utmost respect" for Drake's work ethic.

Peep the full Fader x Makonnen chat here.