Kendrick Lamar rarely posts on social media, so when he shares something, it's a big deal. This morning, the Compton rapper wiped his Instagram clean and posted up a new IG with Roman numerals "IV" and no caption:

Fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that this is the beginning of the rollout for his fourth studio album. For what it's worth, the timing of this message is interesting. At the top of this month, Kendrick shared some details on his To Pimp a Butterfly follow-up with T Magazine, calling the project "very urgent." 

There's also the low-hanging fruit of "IV." Kendrick's next album would technically be his fourth studio release. This doesn't include untitled unmastered., which was considered a "compilation" or a "project," not an album. 

Finally, Kendrick headlining Coachella could mean he's hitting the road this summer to promote a new project. That's probably the biggest stretch, but it also would be odd for Kendrick to perform at one of the biggest festivals in America and then go ghost.

But his fans? You can't tell them nothing.

We've reached out to a rep for Kendrick and will update when available.