Iggy Azalea premiered her new single "Mo Bounce" on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show Thursday. The Stereotypes-produced track, in which Iggy requests more bounce in the motherfucking house, is taken from her forthcoming album Digital Distortion.

The album, Iggy said, is closer than ever to being wrapped. "It is, it's finished," she told Zane Thursday. "Well, ish. It is finished. I've finished all the songs. I just haven't put, like, I'm going to the studio tonight. I just emailed someone last night, like, I feel like I need to re-record this verse." Iggy said the rest of the work is due to her obsessing over technical aspects.

"It is done," she promised. "The songs are done, now I'm just being psychotic. It's never done, is it? It's like a painting. You just have to hand it in. It's just, one song I recorded on a different microphone and now I'm being psycho about it." Though her Lil Uzi Vert collab "Can't Lose" kicked off the promo earlier this month, Iggy said "Mo Bounce" is actually the "intentional" single.

"It's probably the most fun record on my album, and I thought a really long time about what I wanted to put out," she explained. "When you don't put out music for a long time, I think people think a lot about what the first song is." Initially, the plan was to say "something super serious" with the first single, but levity eventually won. "And I don't know, I've been in such a good mood lately. I was like, actually I have all that stuff that I think is important for people to hear on the album," Iggy said. "But I just wanna say something fun and it's summer and I just wanna twerk in a video and, like, I'm single."


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