Earlier this week, Vince Staples teased new material of some form on social media, but left the meaning of "BagBak" open to speculation:

He's now unveiled "BagBak" as his new single, and the record from the celebrated Long Beach rapper packs a punch. The track also comes just in time for his Life Aquatic Tour, which kicks off Feb. 24 in San Diego and goes through April, with stops in Atlanta, Chicago, NYC, and more.

"BagBak" serves as Staples' first solo material since the release of his Prima Donna EP last August. Since then he's popped up on GTA's "Little Bit of This" and also made a special appearance at our inaugural ComplexCon event by participating in Complex Conversations as well as getting in an impromptu Sneaker Shopping session with Joe La Puma.

It feels like this is the start of more to come from Staples in 2017. You can listen to his new song "BagBak" on Apple Music, stream it below via Spotify, and grab tickets for his upcoming tour here

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