Rapper OMB Peezy seemed to emerge from nowhere at the end of 2016 thanks to "Lay Down," a remake of Lil Cray's "Indicted" instrumental. ("Indicted" in turn sounds an awful lot like Celly Cel's "It's Going Down Tonight," which was a flip of Keith Sweat's slow jam classic "How Deep Is Your Love." Music is crazy.) Though he hasn't popped yet, his rapping on "Lay Down" has a slick, intricate quality not often found in hip-hop in 2017, and he's earned the attention of rappers halfway across the country. Though he's based in Alabama, one of his recent cosigns came from Vallejo, CA's Nef the Pharaoh. It probably helps that the beat sounds like something Too $hort would have rapped on, but Peezy's follow-up "When I Was Down" suggests he could have a broader sound, with an emotional delivery matched by a gift for putting together words in unpredictable patterns, which should keep fans hanging on to every line.