We're on like day 345 of the Soulja Boy drama and it just doesn't seem to go away. In the latest development, Soulja took to Twitter on Friday morning to address his recent home burglary for the first time. "Shoutout to 50 cent for the free promo. Stupid ass ni**a, anybody can break in a house when nobody is there. I'll shoot a ni**a for my respect," Soulja tweeted.

The statement seems to be in response to an Instagram 50 posted on Thursday that screencapped the report about Soulja's house getting broken into. "See I told you Soulja Boy go booked. #TheFightStillOn," 50 wrote in the caption.

50 also screencapped a separate TMZ report that claimed Soulja Boy was going to get kicked out of his house for unpaid rent and added the caption, "Damn you can't make this kinda shit up. Soulja call my phone. I can fix all this shit."

So yeah, this situation isn't about to go away anytime soon and has evolved from just Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown to a much bigger thing. 50 has constantly been trolling Soulja for the past week, and as we know from his history, probably won't stop doing so anytime soon.

As for Soulja, he's been training for the fight with Chris Brown, which is apparently a real thing. Hell, Mike Tyson even recorded a Soulja Boy diss song. So much is happening. You can check out Soulja's tweets below and stay tuned for the next eventual turn in this story. 


See I told you Soulja boy go booked☕️🐸#thefightstillon

A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Jan 12, 2017 at 10:27am PST