Yo Gotti gets down to work to finish out recording and mixing his White Friday album in the latest episode of his Behind the Nine documentary.

​The rapper takes a moment with the camera to explain the process behind his music making. "I may have a concept every now and then before I get to the studio, but mainly, I come up with everything in that moment because I feel like the song should be an expression of that vibe at that time," he explains. "I feel like the beat is supposed to talk to me." 

The video then shows us Yo Gotti in action as he feeds off the beat and lays down the rap to his White Friday track, "Blah Blah Blah," at his home studio.

"When I think of CM9, it's a special project," he says. "I think project by project gotta be it's own thing. It's artistry." We then get to go behind the scenes in the mixing studio as Yo Gotti and the engineers bring the whole thing together. He also describes exactly how he wants to make this project for the fans. "I want to see this shit motivate some n*ggas to go get some money. I won't sleep. I do this shit, like, 28 hours a day." Of course, everybody has to sleep sometime and we do see Yo Gotti sneaking in some quick z's by the end of the episode.

Watch the premiere of Behind the Nine's part seven and eight above. White Friday is out now so listen to it right here.