It’s a big week for the Smith siblings. Just a few days after Jaden released the visual for his new track “Fallen,” little sister Willow came through with some fresh material of her own: a three-song project called Mellifluous

For those of us who aren’t human dictionaries, the title means “pleasant to hear” or something that has a “smooth, rich flow.” It’s a fitting name for the project, as all three songs feature swaying melodies, lo-fi electric guitar riffs, and her signature soft-yet-powerful vocals.

The self-produced songs are titled “Cave Wall,” “Little Shard,” and “Need to Know”; the last of these is the collection’s standout track, in which Willow sings about her desire to fully understand her emotions.

“But I want to know, yes I want to know why my mind's so desperate,” she sings “[…] My mind is like a prison, cold circling around me, I travel in all directions only to find myself in the same place still standing.”

You can listen to Mellifluous below.

The release comes a month after Willow dropped "November 9th," another stripped-down self-produced track she recorded in response to the 2016 presidential election. Her last full-length release was her 2015 debut solo album, Ardipithecus, under Roc Nation