It sounds like Trey Songz has a new album on deck.

During an interview with the Bay Area’s Power 106 KMEL this week, the singer announced he has been working on his upcoming project Tremaine for the past two years, and that it is slated to drop sometime in 2017.

Trey told hosts Big Von and Row he began recording his seventh studio album shortly after he released 2014’s Trigga; however, the project was stalled after he decided it was too similar to his previous work. He said he has a “distinctive vision” for Tremaine and wants to ensure everything from the sound to the visuals is exactly how he wants it.

“Everybody takes in everything so fast, and they’re on to the next thing, so I want figure out how to hold people’s attention,” Trey explained. “It’s been special every time for me when I put an album out, so I don’t want the fact that music has changed to streaming and singles, and etcetera, etcetera, to change the way I […] want my music delivered. If it takes forever, it takes forever, but I just want to make sure it’s the way I want it to be before I give it to the world.”

Trey said he has used the past two years to not only look at himself, but to also analyze the current music scene and decide what he likes and doesn’t like. Though he didn’t reveal much about what Tremaine will present, he reassured fans he would stay true to himself and would come through with his signature slow jams.

You can watch Trey’s full interview above. Be sure to stay tuned as more information on Tremaine comes in.