Travis Scott apparently really doesn't like it when security guards grab the mic out of a fan's hand.

The rapper handed one of his fans the mic during a performance Sunday night at the Houston Day For Night Festival, likely so that the fan could rap along, but things quickly turned ugly. The security guard then tried to grab the mic from the fan, which is when Scott took it back and went went off on the security guard in autotune.

"I will smack the fuck out of you, n*gga, don't ever fucking take the motherfucking mic out of my fucking fan, man," Scott yelled at the guard. "No security touches a Travis Scott fan, bro. It's not how we rockin', bro."

This actually isn't the first time Scott has had an encounter with a security guard at one of his shows. Back in 2015, the rapper went at it with security at a Las Vegas show after the guard tried to prevent a fan from climbing up onto the stage.

It seems that the latest instance has Scott once again looking out for his fans. Watch the heated exchange above.

Lol yhis dude travis scott cussed out a security guard with autotune

— Prxduct (@Prxduct) December 19, 2016

Travis Scott went off on that security guard. Lmao

— SeanDiddy (@SeaaanDiddy) December 19, 2016

Travis Scott went off on a security guard at his show after he took the mic out of a fans hand 😳

— Hits on Hits (@HitsonHits) December 19, 2016

ok travis scott did not have to go off on the security guard like that lmaoo

— sharmonea (@colesworId) December 19, 2016