Given the subject matter of Eminem's classic Dido-featuring 2000 single "Stan," it's probably not the first song that comes to mind when pondering ways of improving one's Tinder communications. Randomly complaining about Matthew's unimpressive autograph collection, after all, is pretty tepid shit for anyone hoping to make a meaningful connection amongst the lames. 

But what if you slightly modified that shit? That was the game plan for one nameless Tinder explorer, who changed up some "Stan" lyrics for a series of laments:

Shady Tinder
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The exchange, which was screen grabbed and shared to Reddit by J_Goddard this week in an effort to make that last part (drinks!) come true, has been warmly embraced by everyone who regularly Googles things like "Eminem" and "Stan" and "How to use 'Stan' lyrics to get a free drink."

Go ahead and give these Tinder users props, but don't assume this is the first time someone has repurposed a song about a dangerously obsessed Eminem fan just for giggles and/or shits:

Shady Tinder 2
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Tweaking lyrics to songs that are nearly two decades old not exactly working out for you? Understandable. The real problem with your Tinder vibes, as revealed by the Tinder gods themselves earlier this month, just might be your name. The most popular swipe-right name for dudes, for example, was Lucas. For women, that honor went to Hannah.

But even for people not named Lucas or Hannah, the odds of finding someone to love (even without the poetry of "Stan") are still pretty damn good. Tinder users swipe a whopping 1.4 billion times each day across 196 different countries, leading to roughly 26 million daily matches. So mayyyyybe just leave the Eminem references to the pros shown above?