Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) is finally back from his unintentionally long trip to South Africa, and he's liberated his new album Dec. 99th. He linked up with producer Ferrari Sheppard for the album, who handles all the beats. The album includes the previously released songs "NAW," "Local Time," and "Seaside Panic Room."

Bey spent most of 2016 incarcerated in South Africa. He was arrested early in the year after trying to leave the country using a World Passport, which is a "fantasy" passport document issued by a nonprofit organization called the World Service Authority. It is not considered a valid passport since it's not issued by a governmental body, and Bey was arrested for attempting to use it. He was eventually released in late November after apologizing to the South African government.

Dec. 99th is the first of three albums that Bey plans to release. He recently revealed that he also has an album called Negus in Natural Person, as well as a Mannie Fresh collaboration called As Promised. He's recently claimed that he will retire after this year. "I'm retiring for real this year, this week," Bey said in October. "With the 17th anniversary of Black on Both Sides being released, I am grateful to have had the career that I have been able to enjoy." He has several concerts scheduled from late December to early January that he claims will be his last.

You can stream Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard's new album Dec. 99th above via Tidal. Nonsubscribers can still access the song "Blade in the Pocket."