Actress, singer and viral comedian Jade Novah rose to fame with dead-on Beyoncé​ impressions that nailed not only Bey’s signature singing, but also her mannerisms and Houston accent. The impressions led to the creation of Keyonce, who Novah described as “the untalented, Siamese twin of the Queen Bey.”

With Christmas approaching, Novah’s fans were urging her on for another Keyonce video via Twitter. Hints arrived earlier in the month, with Novah tweeting she was “cooking up something.” 

Novah took things further Saturday, with a Christmas Eve video featuring Keyonce as well as Erykah Badu, Michelle Williams, Shakira, Toni Braxton, and Christina Aguilera. Each performance gave a nod to the subject’s signature characteristics, including Braxton’s husky baritone, Badu’s penchant for tea and eccentric jewelry, and Aguilera’s over the top note bending.

With the likes of Maya Rudolph, Ariana Grande and even Katie Holmes trying Bey impressions, it should be interesting to watch the Beyhive​'s response to Novah's latest work.

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