Gucci Mane stopped by the Complex offices Friday afternoon to promote his third studio album of 2016, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, which is currently available for purchase now.

Sitting with Complex’s Nadeska Alexis, Gucci covered all the topics we’ve been waiting to hear more about: his engagement with longtime girlfriend Keyshia Ka'oir and their 10/17 wedding, his upcoming autobiography, his film The Spot, making music outside of prison, and much more. But ever since Gucci and Drake collaborated on “Back on Road,” fans of the 6 God and the Trap God have been wondering when their upcoming joint EP, reportedly titled The Sixers, will be coming out.

“I just think both of us have a genuine love of music,” he says of Drake. “I think he makes amazing music and he’s been a fan of my music. So it just seemed right. Both of us are humble enough to respect each other’s work. That’s why I’m saying it’ll be a collaboration that really make sense.”

So, how long will we have to wait for this project?

“I think it’ll come in 2017, you know what I’m saying? Who knows, it may come tomorrow. I don’t know. Anything’s possible,” he says with a smile.

Further in the interview, Gucci comments on Kanye West and president-elect Donald Trump’s recent meeting at Trump Tower, and had this to offer:

“I just feel like with Kanye, he don’t need my approval or nobody else’s. so my opinion really ain’t going to matter. Everybody got an opinion—good or bad. Kanye don’t need nobody approval to live his life. If you don’t agree, then that’s cool you don’t agree. But that’s not going to stop him from doing what he do. He’s going to do whatever he’s going to do because that’s him.”


You can watch the full interview above.