It's only been a couple months since Young Thug a.k.a. Jeffery shared his new project, but the rapper is already hard at work on his next release.

V Magazine confirmed Thugger's new project is due at the end of this year. "It'll probably be fucking ten times harder than Jeffery," he told the magazine about the album. "Like this one was kind of Jeffery, but it was still kind of street. This one is gonna be just fully Jeffery."

Jeffery definitely marked another huge release for the rapper, debuting in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 and earning him his third top 40 debut of 2016. The project famously boasted tracks named after all of Thug's idols including his frequent collaborator Wyclef Jean, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, and more. "I feel like a lot of artists today aren’t that honest, and I just want to be honest," Thugger explained. "The names of the songs were really who I was thinking about when I was making them, or who encouraged me to make them. So it was really a moment of honesty for me. To the world it may be greatness, but to me it's just honest."

The project also made headlines for its gender-bending cover with Thugger donning a perrwinkle dress created by Italian menswear designer Alessandro Trincone that reminded the rapper of Mortal Kombat. In his own words, he picked the outfit and that cover art to send a message: "Stop believing in genders."

Read Young Thug's full V Magazine story right here and stay on the look out for new music. This week alone, Thugger has linked up with Wyclef on the banger "I Swear" and Gucci Mane on the freshly released "I Told You."