Young Thug is the latest celebrity to hop on the viral #MannequinChallenge.

On Sunday, the Atlanta rapper shared a video in which he and his crew are seen in motionless state, positioned around and inside a private jet. Thugger even convinced the pilot and an airport employee to participate, making this one of the most legendary #MannequinChallenges we’ve seen.

Although Young Thug and Co. do a pretty impressive job of maintaining their poses (except for that dude who kept blinking), the highlight of the challenge is the video’s soundtrack. Produced by Wheezy, it's an unreleased song made in collaboration with 21 Savage, who will hit the road with Thug for the HIHORSE'D tour later this week. 

You can check out the video with the a preview of the new cut above. It's definitely much more elaborate than the #MannequinChallenge Thug posted on his SnapChat earlier.

The origins of the #MannequinChallenge have yet to be confirmed, though most say it started with a group of Florida students, who posted the first video of its kind with the challenge's hashtag. Since then, the trend has gone viral, showing up everywhere from NFL locker rooms to concert stages to office spaces. We're sure there will be more musicians jumping on the challenge very soon.