After much speculation that two of Drake's tracks—"Started From the Bottom" and "5AM in Toronto"—contained subliminal shots at the Weeknd, Drake steps in to cool down the rumor mill. “For people thinking ["5AM in Toronto"] has something to do with the Weeknd, nah. People will name names, and that’s just in their imaginary entertaining rap world. They just want it to be about somebody you know," he told music journalist Elliot Wilson on his "Keep It Thoro" show. The discussion starts around the 23-minute mark.

When Wilson pressed him on whether OVOXO was done, Drake was a bit coy. “Not necessarily, it’s just like OVO was OVO, and will always be OVO. All we did was embrace somebody that we felt was extremely talented from our city, and instead of hating on it and rejecting it we just completely embraced it. And that was a big part of why it is where it is now," he said, going on to explain that he didn't have hard feelings. "People make their own decisions, man. He went on to do something that he felt was a great decision, and I always like more power to him. I talk to him all the time and I’m looking forward to whatever he has in the future. I wouldn’t call it a parting of ways, I just think people reach a point where they have to make a decision, and whatever decisions they make that’s on him.”