Snoop Dogg capped off his time at ComplexCon with an epic performance that marked the Long Beach native's first time on stage in his hometown. The rapper made it a memorable night, cruising through classics like "P.I.M.P." and "Nuthin' But a G Thang" before bringing Pharrell on stage. The pair turned the crowed up even more by busting out their hits "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Beautiful."

Earlier in the day, Snoop appeared on OTHERtone, the Beats 1 Radio show hosted by Pharrell and Scott Vener. ​Sole Collector's Gerald Flores also caught up with Snoop to ask about performing in Long Beach, his thoughts on fellow ComplexCon guest Vince Staples, and more. 

On performing his first show in Long Beach:

"I don't know why they never let me perform here. I ain't done nothing but do what I’m supposed to do: go around the world and give people great entertainment on stage. I can’t call it. I don’t know if the city has something against me, or my background, or my upbringing. [But] we’re going to make the most of tonight. To me, it’s not a homecoming. It’s just another show to me. This is what I do and now I’m just going to be able to do it in front of some of the people who grew up with me and watched me become who I am. That’ll be special, but at the same time, it’s just another game to me. I still have more points to score."

On meeting with the mayor of Long Beach for the first time:

"I'm with it. I'm a politician sometimes. I'm politically correct when I need to be."

On fellow LBC artist Vince Staples:

"We were just outside in my van chopping it up. I love what he stands for and who he is. His rap style is unique and representative of north Long Beach.  I just love when rappers can stand on their own two feet and willing to be different and diverse. Vince can handle his own and hold his own as a lyricist."

On the evolution of Long Beach:

"When I first started, the east side was dominant on the streets and on records everywhere. Now, the city is spread out so much. There are so many different areas connected to Long Beach that are popping. Everywhere has it’s unique sound."

Check out more photos of Snoop's big night at ComplexCon below.

Snoop Main Stage 3
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Snoop Main Stage 2
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Snoop Dogg x Pharrell Main Stage
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Snoop Dogg Othertone Lead
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