The Weeknd was credited as a feature on Beyoncé's Lemonade cut, "6 Inch," but it was really Abel and Belly who created down the original track's demo. Finally, we can hear exactly what that sounded like.

On the fuzzed out demo, the Weeknd croons out verses about a woman working hard for the money. The lyrics largely remain the same from the pair's original to Beyoncé's final cut with Bey adding some lines to distinguish the track as being from her perspective. One of those additions was her line about a woman being "too smart to crave material things."

On the original, the Weeknd also sings a second verse and bridge that ultimately was cut except for the line, "She already made enough but she'll never leave." This is where the Weeknd's original demo and Beyoncé's track changes the most. The Weeknd sings about a woman who "used to have a man wasn't meant to be" who was "saving up for plans that would never be," while Beyoncé sings about the woman making money for herself as something to celebrate.

In other Weeknd news, the singer just announced his Legend of the Fall World Tour in support of his forthcoming Starboy album dropping Nov. 25. The whole thing kicks off in Europe in February with special guests Bryson Tiller and Lil Uzi Vert. The North American leg begins in late April in Vancouver and going through June.

Listen to the Weeknd and Belly's original demo below and look out for more from the Starboy as we inch closer to the date of his album release next month.