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Bow Wow and Soulja Boy surprised everyone when they announced they were collaborating on a new joint mixtape titled Ignorant Shit. On Tuesday, the duo actually released the project. The 11 track tape boasts all original new tracks with a sole feature from Rich the Kid on "All About Paper."

Ignorant Shit arrives eight years after the pair teamed up on "Marco Polo" in 2008, which was meant to appear on Bow Wow's New Jack City II album, but it was left out of the original release after the two got into their very public beef. The track was later included on the deluxe edition and the rappers obviously worked through their differences since then.

Bow Wow has since announced his retirement from rap music, which he told fans he plans to do before his 30th birthday in March of 2017. Fans are still expecting him to release his Snoop Dogg-produced album, Nylth, as well as his long-awaited project, Underrated, before retirement.

For now, the project that no one seemingly asked for is here and Twitter is going off with mixed results. Some are taking in the nostalgia of it all nothing that this joint project is "the best idea of 2007." Others are going at it, laughing off the idea and the surprising release. Still, some people seem to be enjoying the project. "Say y'all don't laugh at me but....that Soulja boy and bow wow tape not that bad lol," one Twitter user wrote. "So far this Soulja Boy & Bow Wow is actually good..." another fan tweeted. Dip into the project as well as the split Twitter reactions below.

I'm gonna download the Soulja Boy and Bow Wow mixtape just so I can change the name from Ignorant $hit to Weak Shit

— IG: shepp4king (@SHEPP4KING) October 25, 2016

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy project.....the best idea of 2007.

— Metroplex Boomin (@soundwave803) October 25, 2016

Soulja Boy a legend. Bow Wow not so much

— Let Me Flourish (@GetEmSmit) October 25, 2016

Why soulja boy and bow wow just drop a mixtape I'm done lol

— Blue Benjis (@WaterWhipWizard) October 25, 2016

Soulja Boy is a pioneer. There was a time when Bow Wow was the Justin Bieber for black people.

To this day they're never not working.

— Dasia Monét (@VirgoDaj_) October 25, 2016

Soulja Boy & Bow Wow got a mixtape out 🤔

— Bob 🤘🏾 (@YOUNGOGBOB) October 25, 2016

Bow Wow & Soulja Boy really dropped a mixtape omg lmaoooo

— Let Me Flourish (@GetEmSmit) October 25, 2016

Say y'all don't laugh at me but....that Soulja boy and bow wow tape not that bad lol

— theCЯEW Members Only (@SmokeeRobinson4) October 25, 2016

I fuck wit Soulja boy I just can't do Bow Wow 🚮🚮

— ☁️Nae☁️ (@_Charnnnneeeee) October 25, 2016

wow. Bow Wow and Soulja Boy deadass came out with a joint mixtape. I thought that was a joke

— Aaliyah (@ImHypeWHO) October 25, 2016

Soulja boy should made a collab album with chief keef instead of bow wow

— Fi$her Taratino 🔋 (@bighect_) October 25, 2016

lol soulja boy and bow wow new tape sounds half decent

— Coy the IV (@TurntUp_Ty) October 25, 2016

So Far This Soulja Boy & Bow Wow Is Actually Good...

— Papa No Action (@KlevaWaseKasi) October 25, 2016

I'm lowkey here for the bow wow and Soulja boy tape ; 10 years too late ? You betcha . For the culture? Absolutely

— M-A (@MileHighMusik) October 25, 2016

Niggas listening to Soulja Boy & Bow Wow?

— Joe (@Prince0fGotham) October 25, 2016

Why is this soulja boy and bow wow collab tape actually good 😂😂😂

— youngbull🐂 (@ogswtshrt) October 25, 2016

ebro really just referred to soulja boy and bow wow as 'legends'. thats enough twitter for today.

— Papa Dom (@DomMahoney) October 25, 2016

Soulja Boy & Bow Wow dropped a whole list of trash music to listen to today & can't wait to hear it (:

— lil' water gun (@Twerk4Tokens) October 25, 2016

new soulja boy bow wow gonna have me at work tomorrow like this

— educated shrimp (@yaperboi) October 25, 2016