LA duo inc. no world's debut album, no world, made waves for its soulful, restrained take on R&B in 2013. The following year, brothers Daniel and Andrew Aged collaborated with FKA twigs and produced "One Time" for her album LP1. 

Moving away from the dark, but soulful R&B they became known for, inc. no world will self-release their new LP As Light as Light on Sept. 9 through their new label, No World Recordings. "It's definitely a hopeful album," explains Andrew. "It came from wanting to uplift our own spirits. We weren't necessarily having the easiest time leading up to this. This album got us out of a bad place." They wrote the record in just three weeks, and today Complex shares the final song they penned; a warm, spiritual single called "Without Water."

Gospel has found a place in popular music in a major way in 2016. The same year Kanye West's self-professed gospel album T.L.O.P. became his seventh solo No. 1, and Chance the Rapper's choir-backed Coloring Book garnered widespread critical acclaim, the brothers share their most spiritual music to date. As teenagers, they'd buy bootleg gospel tapes to study, hoping to glean something from the uplifting experience to use in their songwriting. "Gospel is trying to get you somewhere," Daniel notes. "It's trying to give you that free feeling, get you to that free place. It may have certain sounds, or certain tendencies, but it's not about the surface. It should give you that feeling."

In hopes of giving their listeners a similar experience, they focused less on production and recorded "Without Water"—like most on the album—as a raw take. "It's very raw, at least for us," said Andrew. "We wanted to share the feeling of being in a room, and trusting a moment. Not combing through it, but leaving it to the live experience. That's something we want to mirror in life. We want to show up to a city and play, and it's going to sound and feel like the record. It's all about the live experience, even going back to these sounds and records that we love, Sly [Stone] and Curtis [Mayfield], but in our way."