Meek Mill isn't letting Beanie Sigel off lightly after the veteran rapper appeared on a recent episode of Taxstone's podcast and took shots at Meek.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Meek Mill screenshot a recent text from Beanie when things were "all good a week ago" between the two and fired back: "ONE MIN THEY TALKING LIKE THIS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS THEN THEY TALKING LIKE THAT?"

"I CANT BELIEVE 'n#%gas' went out like that," Meek continued. For those out of the loop, Beanie Sigel went off on Meek for being 'fake' and creating his own problems in the city. "It's to the point where your fuckery is becoming transparent," Beanie said. "Now you at a place where niggas is saying man you misrepresenting Philadelphia."

This all comes after Beanie Sigel was reportedly knocked out by one of Meek's crew members for saying he helped write lyrics on Meek's diss track toward The Game.

Beanie Sigel's text to Meek also appears to show him taking a shot at fellow Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who Beanie feels can't hold down their city "on some real shit" because Vert "wear pocketbooks wit purple hair." Meek added Uzi Vert's Instagram tag to his caption, likely so the rising rapper would see what Beanie had to say about him. All and all, this doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon between the two parties.

Read Meek's full Instagram message below.