Meek Mill is determined to join the fight against extreme violence both out in the real world and in his music. The Maybach Music Group rapper took to social media to let his fans know that he intends to stop discussing physical brutality in his lyrics once his nearly-finished project, Dreamchasers 4is released.

"Don't question my raps because it's a life we lived and suffered from, I have a right to express my myself!" Meek is adamant that he will not rap about extreme violence once DC4 drops but says he will remain as committed as ever "to let my people know in these terrible environments to adapt and survive at any cost because US BLACK PEOPLE ARE STILL AT WAR WITH OURSELVES AND THE SYSTEM IN REAL LIFE!"

The country's tragic explosion of violence over the last few weeks, including the deaths of Alton SterlingPhilando Castile, and several officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, has inspired Meek to join many other artists in speaking out. He has been vocal in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, most recently sharing a post on Instagram encouraging his fans to hold other black celebrities accountable. "Stop focusing on non important shit and use your platform to bring attention to these foul ways some people believe we should b treated!" he captioned the post. "I seen a few celebs say 1 thing about it...This the most intense it has been in years don't let up!!!! Pay attention to these people y'all look up to too! And jump on they ass and let them know we 'see em' THIS SHIT IS NOT A GAME!"

Beyoncé teamed up with Chance the Rapper, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, and more to advocate against police violence in an emotionally gut-wrenching video. Jay Z, Miguel, and Slim Thug were a few of many artists who dropped a protest song in the wake of the violence. Snoop Dogg and The Game organized a peaceful march to LAPD to create a dialog between the police and the people they are sworn to protect.

More than anything, it's clear Meek is more than ready to make his comeback to music after a rough year in which he was sentenced to house arrest and six months of probation for violating the travel restrictions that were laid as part of his ongoing probation. Meek was ordered to stay in Philadelphia and was banned from performing, but a judge cleared Meek to release new music for free while finishing out his house arrest sentence. It sounds like he's fully prepared to help foster change at a time when artists are stepping up to help heal this country through protest, rallies, and music.

You can read Meek's full comments below: