Snoop Dogg and The Game are hosting a peaceful rally in Los Angeles titled Operation H.U.N.T.—Hate Us Not Today—right now "to stand with us today and walk peacefully to the LAPD headquarters." Their objective is clear: "To make the Californian government and it's law branches aware that from today forward, we will be unified as minorities and we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us."

As written on The Game's Instagram, the rally calls on "all African American men, Mexican American men, and any other race of real men with heart" to walk peacefully to accomplish their mission. However, their rally call also specifies some important rules as to what not to bring or do, including come with any guns or weapons or come high or drunk. The specification is an important one considering the tragic that struck on Thursday evening. "We will stand as we are, UNIFIED. I'm calling ALL GANGS, ALL RACES, ALL GROWN MEN affiliated or not & WE WILL STAND UNIFIED tomorrow!!!!," he wrote. "We do not need to be dumb, retarded or uncivilized today...ALL WE NEED IS EACH OTHER...I will not lead any of you into a trap!!!!!

Videos from the march show that it is completely peaceful, with everyone walking together in a quiet calm of solidarity. The marchers are watching a new class of LAPD officers graduate as LAPD Chief Officer Beck gives a speech. "I was overtaken by sorrow and rage," Officer Beck told the class, according to LA Times reporter Kate Mather who is in attendance. "This is not about black lives, this is not about brown lives, this is not about blue lives. This is about America." Mather, who has been on the ground at the protest tweeting it live notes that the whole thing is "100% peaceful."

The protest follows a week of senseless killing and chaos that has left Alton Sterling and Philando Castile dead at the hands of police and several police officers and civilians dead and injured after a protest erupted Thursday night in Dallas, Texas. In addition to the Snoop and the Game's admirable on-the-ground efforts, artists have come out in full to lend their voices to the cause and channel anger into unifying protest tracks. Jay Z dropped "Spiritual" and Miguel dropped a spontaneous demo he recorded in his London hotel room titled "How Many." Swizz Beatz, Slim Thug, Mistah Fab, Mike Dean, and Young Buck also dropped protest songs.

In light of all the recent tragedy, it's pretty incredible to see both Snoop and The Game lead by example out on the streets of Los Angeles and funnel their outrage into action. Friday afternoon, Snoop, The Game, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck are all holding a news conference together outside police headquarters. Watch the press conference and catch a glimpse of the rally as they both happen below.