Gucci Mane is his own best friend in his new video for "First Day Out the Feds." The Atlanta rapper, still fresh from his incarceration, kicks it in his mansion and shows off his ankle monitor in his new video. Although the clip is devoid of a usual harem of women, Gucci makes up for it by kicking it with... himself. In between showering his empty mansion with money, he chills out with several versions of himself in his home office. As if one Gucci wasn't enough, now we have a whole bunch.

If anything, this is probably more of Gucci Mane trolling the clone conspiracy theorists on the internet. After he emerged from jail with a decidedly un-chubby physique and less noticeable tattoos, several of the internet's most paranoid conspiracy theorists decided that this Gucci is actually a government clone. He played up the theories in an Instagram video a few weeks ago, saying "I'm hearing that Gucci is a clone. I will neither support nor deny those accusations." Naturally, this sent the internet into a further frenzy.

"First Day Out the Feds" was Gucci's first post-prison release, coming—you guessed it—just one day after he got out of jail. It's set to live on his upcoming album Everybody Lookin, which is set to drop on July 22, potentially alongside his recent single "All My Children."

While you decide which Gucci Mane is the real one, you can check out his video for "First Day Out the Feds" above via WorldStarHipHop.