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It’s often said that prison can change a man, but in the case of recently freed Gucci Mane, many think he’s not even the same person. Literally.

After an early release from Indiana’s Terre Haute penitentiary last month, the 36-year-old rapper came out with a slimmer body, a new commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and even a new accent that can be heard on his Snapchat stories. The internet quickly made note of these changes and eventually conceived one of the dumbest conspiracy theories in recent memory: the real Gucci Mane is still behind bars and was replaced with a government clone.

The theory likely started after the satirical website ThingUThink posted a bogus piece on Lil Boosie. The site quotes a fake Breakfast Club interview in which Lil Boosie claims the Gucci Mane we know today is actually a clone:

"I rock with Gucci the long way but that ain’t the real Gucci, we both sitting in the studio and he seemed lost and after his show at Mansion he called me Herman […] You know they can do that crazy clone Sh*t these days, you look at Gucci and tell me that’s Gucci and ill pay yo child support and yo baby momma rent."

Of course, social media ran wild with this. 

Our faith in humanity was restored when others called out the stupidity of the theory.

Guwop is obviously enjoying the rumors, as he's since released a response video. SPOILER ALERT: He doesn't confirm nor deny the accusations.