Coke or Pepsi? Butter or margarine? Desiigner or Future? Ever since "Panda" blew up crazy, the Desiigner-Future comparisons have been ceaseless. Desiigner brushes them off, and though Future hasn't reacted as aggressively as one might imagine, he admits he doesn't want his name mentioned around his competition. With both artists dropping new projects recently—Desiigner's New English and DJ Esco's Project E.T. Esco Terrestrial—Complex thought we'd settle this officially.

We rounded up a few employees and sat them down with both tapes to see if they could definitely tell who was rapping: Future Hendrix or G.O.O.D. Music's "Panda" protégé. Can you tell the difference? Is it easier than everyone's making it out to be? Watch and see.