Almost two years ago, championship turntablists Enferno and Shiftee decided to align to not only save #RealDJing, but have a great time doing it. As E.A.S.Y., they took their scratching cuts and applied it to the bass music scene, churning out some impressive remixes and live routines. Their latest, the Sayyi-featured "What You Mean," takes things a step further; this duo really seems to have an anthem on their hands.

For those who aren't familiar with Sayyi, he's a producer, writer, and artist from the Southside of Chicago who has worked on projects like Jeremih's Late Nights: The Album, Rihanna's "Woo," and with Fool's Gold artist Brenmar's "Don't Want It." Shiftee told us the track originally started on a snowy day in early 2015. Sayyi came through the session and they started working on it for potential placements, but it "quickly morphed into an original." While half of it was done (lyrically) in that first session, the three of them completed it in July of 2015, giving you the jam we have here.

The initial idea was one of pushing your creative boundaries further. Shiftee says they'd go into the session with the mindstate of "what would an E.A.S.Y. beat for Kanye sound like?" That would give them "a different focus," and he feels "the result stands out from our past tracks in that this song is meaner, more aggressive, and really a driving rap song above all else." He isn't wrong. While most E.A.S.Y. productions are tight and crispy, they're also much brighter and chord heavy. Adding in someone like Sayyi to question why someone would question him and what he's showing up in gives the track a cocky, in-your-face flavor that you just can't get with a big track on its own.

"What You Mean" is out via Hot Mom USA on July 29; until then, blast this loud at all of your haters.