Concerts go late. It just happens. Whether its the fault of the artist, a snarl of traffic, or a technical snafu, there's an almost limitless list of reasons why a live performance can end way past the scheduled cutoff point. Recently, Drake and Future rolled through the Lone Star State and performed a show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX that went way over the city-mandated 12:00 p.m. curfew.


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According to TMZ, the poor clock management ended up costing Drizzy a cool $13,000 in fines, not that he seemed to care in the moment. Sometime near the back half of the show, Drake addressed both the ticking clock and the crowd, "What you wanna go like a hour 15?” he asked the crazed Texas audience. “You wanna go like a hour 30? You trying to go for the two piece? I’m trying to go for the two piece too. So if it cost me money, Dallas, Texas, it’s on me. Trust me let’s go.”

Drake ended up sticking around for another 35 minutes, busting out a medley of hit after hit, before finally closing it down with "Energy" into "Legend." At the price of $6,500 for every 15-minute block after midnight, Drizzy treated his fans to an all-out performance that they won't soon forget.

Future can't seem to shake the show off of his mind anyway.

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