For their latest track, "Bolide", Australian duo Kllo appear to have hit a golden formula: warm, glitchy electronics coupled with deeply emotive vocals. Taken from the Well Worn EP, "Bolide" skips gently along while vocalist Chloe Kaul's careers and soars gracefully. Kaul's singing is technically impressive for sure, but it's the expertly deployed hook that ties the track together. Between producer Simon Lam's choppy arrangement and his cousin's arresting performance, it's the hook that unites the two and keeps both cousins' experimentations rooted in good old-fashioned catchy songwriting. All this is brought to life with an equally stunning set of visuals from director Hamish Mitchell, mirroring Kaul's swooping vocals with equally smoky images chopped and looped to hypnotising effect.

The Well Worn EP is due for release Aug 5 on Different Recordings in the UK, Ghostly International in the USA, and Good Manners Music everywhere else.