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Kanye West Calls Chance the Rapper "One of My Favorite People"

Kanye West spoke out on Twitter Sunday night to thank Chance the Rapper for letting him work on his new project Coloring Book. "My Brother Chance!!!" he wrote. "Thank you for letting me work on this masterpiece. One of my favorite people." Kanye appeared on Coloring Book's first track, "All We Got," which also featured the Chicago Children's Choir.

It seems as though the two Chicago rappers have been getting pretty close over the last several months. 



Kanye allowed Chance to make a huge statement on his own The Life of Pablo album-opener "Ultralight Beam," and Chance's verse on that song even served as the unofficial announcement of his third mixtape with Chance rapping, "He said, 'Let's do a good ass job with Chance 3'/They say you've gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy." Chance was found elsewhere on The Life of Pablo as well. In fact, his insistence on including "Waves" on the album even led to Kanye directly blaming him for the album's delay. The song ended up being included and drew many positive reviews.

Chance addressed his relationship with Kanye on the Coloring Book song "Blessings (Reprise)" when he rapped, "I'm pre-currency, post language/Anti-label, pro-famous/I'm Broadway Joe Namath/Kanye's best prodigy/He ain't sign me but he proud of me." He also called Kanye the greatest artist of our generation in his recentComplex cover story

Clearly, the pair have developed a solid working relationship due to their collaborations, and it seems like Kanye is ready to see a new generation of Chicago rappers shine with Chance the Rapper leading the way.



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