It's no secret that Young Thug is a unique individual, so pictures of him riding around Atlanta on a horse really shouldn't surprise you. Of course, with Lyor Cohen behind Thugga now, everything he does is for a reason and today's adventure is no different. Though 300 has yet to announce anything officially, it appears that the pictures and videos of Thug riding a horse in front of the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta is all part of a plan to promote Thug's upcoming Hy!£UN35 tour, which is apparently starting in May.

Again, nothing has been officially announced, but based on the screenshots from Lyor's Snapchat, which were then posted on Twitter, the tour is set to kick off on May 1 and run for the whole month. It's unclear if this means that Thugga's long-awaited Hy!£UN35 album will now be out before the tour, but that would seem like a pretty safe bet. In any case, they're doing things their own way and we now know that Thug knows how to ride a horse. Stay tuned for more details as they come out, and check out the shoot below.