Joey Bad$$ and Troy Ave have been warring for a minute now, but things escalated last week when Troy responded to Joey's song "Ready" by dropping the diss track "BAD ASS." 

On it, he raps that Joey has "drug addict face," but he really took things to another level by insulting former Pro Era rapper Capital Steez who committed suicide in 2012. Joey and members of A$AP Mob definitely took him to task for that one, and during an interview with Complex News this week, even Royce 5'9'' explained that Troy Ave had gone too far.

“There’s a line with anything in life, and [Troy Ave] most certainly, absolutely crossed the line," Royce told Complex Editor-in-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever. “What did these guys really do to each other, to warrant you [thinking] that it’s okay for you to be able to say that? Troy Ave, if you’re listening you owe Capital Steez’s family an apology. It’s just that simple."

The Slaughterhouse rapper added that suicide is nothing to joke about. "You’ve got to be a man and admit when you’re wrong about something," he said. "Suicide is a very, very serious thing. It’s not a sign of weakness. There’s nothing cool about the way Troy Ave handled that situation. The kid can rap, why can't he just rap and say what he has to say about Joey Bada$$? There’s nothing gangsta about that and I don’t support it.” Watch the interview in the video above.