Leo Kalyan, the man behind last year's "Golden Age" and "Get Your Love", is preparing to release his next single "Daydream" in April. Over a dense mix of live instruments and richly produced electronics, Kalyan croons in a breathy style that blurs the lines between R&B and soul. A little more mellow than "Golden Age", "Daydream" finds its power in the marching (but spacious) beat behind the track. Coupling that with a chant-like refrain, Kalyan's exploration of his own mind becomes a soaring pop epic. "'Daydream' is a song about your imagination being the only place where you're truly free," Kalyan explains. "It's obviously a fleeting experience, but a lot of writers say that they get their best ideas when they're on the verge of sleep: that little space between sleeping and waking. 'Daydream' is about stumbling through that particular pocket of my imagination."