Azealia Banks has deleted her Twitter account. "Ok, today, i'm finally making the decision to eject from social media. american media culture is honestly so fucking disgusting and junky," she tweeted before hitting the delete button. The controversial rapstress has a rich history of Twitter beefs, feuding with the likes of Lady GagaPharrell, T.I., A$AP Rocky, and even exchanged words with Nicki Minaj. Of course, there is also her longstanding feud with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. It seems Azalea's recent Elle Canada interview might have reignited that beef when she said she still hated the Harlem rapper. In response, Banks took a shot aimed directly at Iggy on—where else— Twitter.

This isn't the first time the rapper has taken a break from Twitter. If you remember, she also took a break from the site this time last year. However, Banks hasn't removed herself from all of social media because her Instagram account is still active. You can check out her last few tweets caught by Rap-Up below. If you're already missing her Twitter presence, you can catch up on the history of her many Twitter beefs here.