A History of Azealia Banks' Twitter Beefs

The outspoken Harlem rapper stays engaged in a digital feud.

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Azealia Banks does not hold her tongue on Twitter. She gets more attention for her public feuds than she does for her music. Banks has become best known for these digital disagreements, beefing with anyone from Iggy Azalea to Lady Gaga to Pharrell and even A$AP Rocky. Sometimes, Azealia attempts to mend things like she did with her apology to Kreayshawn, but for the most part she'll spit fire at anyone who rubs her the wrong way. Just look at her recent spat with T.I. From A-list opponents to unknowns, here’s A History of Azealia Banks’ Twitter Beefs

This post was originally published on August 7, 2012.

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Azealia Banks vs. Kreayshawn

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When: January 2012

What Happened: Kreayshawn retweeted a link from the adult site Pornhub, which included a link to Banks’ “212” video and a playful reference to one of her lyrics. Apparently, Banks thought Kreayshawn was trying to insult her. She didn’t bother waiting for her response and began to verbally attack her: "@KREAYSHAWN You're a dumb bitch. And you can't rap. I'll sit on your face. ... Fall back slut." Kreayshawn was confused about the whole thing. Pornhub chimed in during the aftermath.

Complex says: Azealia Banks took the high road—but it took her seven months. Her public apology to Kreayshawn shows that she is indeed capable of being civil on Twitter.

Azealia Banks vs. Iggy Azalea

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When: February 2012

What Happened: XXL unveiled their fifth annual Freshman cover that featured Iggy Azalea as the lone female rapper. Banks didn't like the choice of having Iggy on the list and didn't hesitate to speak up. The Aussie rapper fired back with a few shots of her own.

Complex says: Iggy and Banks’ beef goes way back, so this little Twitter fight was probably needed to let out all of the tension.

Azealia Banks vs. T.I.

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When: March 2012

What Happened: Shortly after Banks lashed out against Iggy Azalea, T.I. went on DJ Drama’s radio show to defend his artist. He said that Banks should hope to get shelved so she can wait around for next year’s Freshman cover. He added, “If you spend half of your day getting money and the other half of your day counting money, you ain’t got no time in your day to worry about nobody else.”

T.I.’s response to Banks' disapproval of the XXL cover ignited another Twitter rant by the Harlem rapper. She wasn’t so timid this time.

Lol I NEVER needed the next nigga to sit up on a radio show with me and defend me. Furthermore, niggas r sitting up here trying to mask/defend what homegirl said. Fuck outta here. Everybody got something slick to say, but no one got an explanation. Come on T.I…. Niggas is not scared of u and whatever shit u got to say on some radio show. @tip you corny for that one. LMFAOO how u a grown man commenting on what’s going on between two girls. Come on son. Stop it.

This situation is really funny to me. It’s not like I said some foul out of the water shit about iggy azalea… I questioned her artistic integrity because of insensitive lyrics. Its not like I made bullshit some up and came at her head. In fact the issue wasn’t even really her. The issue was xxl. Why were the only three females nominated for that cover kreayshawn, v-nasty and iggy? Where was Rapsody, or nitty Scott, or Angel Haze? But y’all niggas don’t hear me tho. Lol I think what’s even more interesting about this, is how unable iggy is to explain herself. T.i can’t even explain for her. Those r my last comments about it. The Internet is making me look like a villain.

Complex says: Tip really didn't need to interfere, but you can’t blame the guy for doing some damage control.

Azealia Banks vs. T.I. Again

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When: April 2012

What Happened: T.I. wasn’t done speaking on the Banks-Azalea feud. When visiting Chicago, he appeared on the Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot radio show to put Banks in check. Apparently, Tip didn’t like the idea of Banks calling him out. "That's bitch shit, I'ma man. You ain't got no business addressing me. Get your man to address me, if you got a man, get him to address me and he and I can speak on it." Banks was armed and ready with more vicious comments.

Complex Says: Tip was obviously fanning flames here. The W goes to Banks.

Azealia Banks vs. Dominique Young Unique

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When: April 2012

What Happened: Tampa’s Dominique Young Unique called out Azealia Banks for using the line “I might dance on these niggas, but the gun's in the butt” on “Fuck Up The Fun.” Banks said she knew it was Young Unique’s lyric, which sparked the girls arguing over who came up with the line first.

Complex says: A “Gun In The Butt” remix would bury the hatchet for sure.

Azealia Banks vs. Lil Kim

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When: May 2012

What Happened:  After showing admiration for Lil’ Kim, Banks’ wasn’t singing the same tune on Twitter when a possible collaboration between the two rappers didn’t pan out. She let loose a long series of tweets, but didn't get any reaction from Kim. Instead, her PR team issued an official statement.

Complex says: C’mon Kim, you can do better than having your PR do all the work in this tussle. Didn’t you dedicate a whole diss mixtape to Nicki Minaj?

Azealia Banks vs. Management

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When: June 2012

What Happened: Banks has stated in the past that her former relationship with XL Records—specifically label founder Richard Russell— wasn’t the ideal situation. When she moved on to signing with Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, it was a big opportunity to turn her into a superstar. Unfortunately, after just seven weeks, Banks parted ways with Carter because he was on his “ego shit.” Before she shut down her Twitter account, she shared her thoughts on male management.

I know who you are yes…You short bald man…I know you planted these false stories.

Guess what?: I’m still not going to let you manage me again. I’ve dealt with enough cyber bullying to see right thru this.

I will definitely be working BY MYSELF and saving MY 20% On management commissions while I avoid you sharks in the water….

I really want a female manager. Women are just so much smarter.

I just want a really hardcore woman…Or a really gay man as my manager…You other niggas have WAY too much ego sh-t with y’all.

I just need a lady with some really intimidating glasses and a crazy shoe game to just stomp all you phonies out!

Lol I’m dead serious tho…About not hiring another male manager. The next manager you all see will be the kuniest kunt ever.

Complex says: Maybe she should try working with Deb Antney?

Azealia Banks vs. Nicki Minaj

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When: July 2012

What Happened: Banks had the chance to go on tour with Nicki Minaj in Europe, but had to turn it down because she would be finishing her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. Minaj subtweeted a cryptic message, “#ManTheseBitchesDelirious.” Assuming that the hashtag was directed at Banks, she aimed a series of thinly veiled shots toward Minaj. 

Complex says: We hope that album is fire.

Azealia Banks vs. Jim Jones

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When: August 2012

What Happened: Banks went on Twitter to define what the term “vamp” means. Jim Jones responded to a fan tweet stating that he came up with the whole concept first. This sparked a back and forth on who should get credit. Capo concluded the Twitter talk by calling her a "2bit slore."

Complex says: Harlem rappers need to stick together, man.

Azealia Banks vs. Angel Haze

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When: January 2013

What Happened: Angel Haze misinterpreted a tweet from Azealia Banks about non-New Yorkers claiming NY, which set off a firestorm of words between the two. At a certain point, Haze threatened to take the beef off Twitter and into the streets. "You don't want this fade off Twitter. So knock it off. Before you get shanked through your iridescent bubble jacket," she said. 

Complex Says: Why can't rappers just get along?

Azealia Banks vs. Baauer

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When: February 2013

What Happened: Azealia Banks and electronic producer Baauer got into a spat after the rapper released a remix of Baauer's "Harlem Shake" on her SoundCloud for free. This move came after Banks allegedly failed to get the song cleared for her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. Baauer promptly had the remix taken down, to which Banks replied, "Respect the fact I was inspired by your shit. Inspired enough to spend more than fucking 30secs paying homage to it."

Complex Says: There is such thing as taking music a little too seriously.

Azealia Banks vs. Diplo

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When: February 2013

What Happened: Not more than a few days after Azealia got into it with Baauer, the rapper called out Diplo, who evidently put the kibosh on Banks being featured on the official remix for "Harlem Shake." According to Banks, Diplo and and Baauer wanted Juicy J on the new version instead. "Diplo just sent me an email saying the reason they won't let my Harlem shake remix fly is because they'd rather have Juicy J on it," she claimed. "Diplo you're a real fucking snake. you owe M.I.A everything you have."

Complex Says: Harsh words toward someone she used to hang out with on the beach.

Azealia Banks vs. Rita Ora

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When: March 2013

What Happened: Azealia Banks and Rita Ora were both featured acts on the Future Music Festival. While on tour together, Banks put Rita Ora on blast for being "thirsty." According to the rapper, Ora would take photos of her and then delete them. She also called Rita Ora "Rihanna's understudy," which the singer didn't take so well. "At the end of the day I don’t know who the fuck u think you are secondly u dont know me I’ve done nothing but try b nice to u,” Ora responded on Instagram. “3rdly ur dancers were talkn to me further more ill see ur ass at the motherfucking concert."

Complex Says: Each artist ended up going their separate way after the tour.

Azealia Banks vs. A$AP Rocky

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When: April 2013

What Happened: Of all things, lipstick colors were the source of this beef between Azealia Banks and A$AP Rocky. Particularly the color purple, which Rocky denounced in an interview with The Coveteur. "What do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls cant do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the fuck."

Banks took Rocky's words as a direct insult as purple lipstick has become synonymous with her eccentric style. "Lol @ asap rockys lipstick advice," she said. "Some people should just come out of the closet." She also tweeted a heavily circulated photo of what looks like A$AP Rocky and a guy getting intimate together, though there's no real proof it's him.

Complex Says: Banks needs to realize not everything is about her. Because it's not.

Azealia Banks vs. Lily Allen

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When: July 2013

What Happened: Azealia Banks and Lily Allen got into it after Banks called Allen's husband Sam Cooper ugly. It escalated from there, with Banks also calling Allen's children ugly. "I've had 2 kids since 212 dropped and i bet my my album still comes out 1st. bitch is scared of the ball. OUT," Allen responded.

Complex Says: Sounds like Allen won this battle.

Azealia Banks vs. Lady Gaga

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When: September 2013

What Happened: Azealia Banks accused Lady Gaga of stealing a song from her called "Flame 22" which was meant for Gaga's third studio album ARTPOP. "Make sure u let them know where u got the title for red flame from. U stole that from the demo I sent u," Banks said. "This one is free. Next time I'm charging." This incident occurred less than a month after Lady Gaga wore a mermaid outfit at the 2013 VMAs, which Banks claimed was a straight jack of her style.

Complex Says: We're pretty sure Ariel had the mermaid look first.

Azealia Banks vs. Pharrell

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When: November 2013

What Happened: Azealia Banks called out Pharrell for not helping out with the promotion of their collaboration "ATM Jam," claiming the famed producer didn't want to be associated with someone of a darker complexion. "The reason ATM jam did poorly is because pharell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skin comeback," she said.

Complex Says: Great way to make sure Pharrell never works with you again.

Azealia Banks vs. T.I. Pt. 3

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When: June 2014

What Happened: In her third bout with T.I., Azealia Banks took shots at his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle earlier this week, saying she has "meth face." This didn't sit well with Tip, who went straight for the jugular on Instagram. "U musty-mouthed-thot-bot-bad-body-syphilis-lipped-rectum-vomit-unimportant-ugggggly-monstrosity-of-a-maggot-ass BIIIIIIIITCCHHHH!!!!!! If u speak ill of my family again..... I WILL END YOU!!!!!! #OnPHIL #OnDOE #NoBuuulllshit people fall down stairs daily.... U better watch yo step,u ungly-ass Gremlin-baby #nerveofdisCretin #fuckouttahea."

Complex Says: T.I. with the ether.

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