It looks like buzzing Toronto rapper Tory Lanez had a bit of a concert mishap. At a recent show, he decided to address the rumored controversy between himself and Drake (who took subliminal shots at him on his recent single "Summer Sixteen") while perched high above the crowd on a balcony. "One thing, no matter what, it's always calculated," he said. Right after, it appears as though he tried to hang off the balcony before jumping down. This didn't go very well for him, however, as the wood he was holding onto gave way, and he took a pretty tough fall right into the crowd.

He addressed the mishap on Twitter earlier today, writing "😂😂 people ... I landed on my feet .. Lol that shit do look crazy tho ...😂" and sharing a video of the incident.

The controversy between Lanez and Drake has been a hot topic of discussion ever since Drake's "Summer Sixteen" dropped. In the song, Drake says "all you boys in the new Toronto wanna be me a little," which many took to be a reference to Lanez' mixtape The New Toronto. For his part, Lanez has denied there's any beef, at least from his camp. 

"I'm getting money over here, I'm good, I'm young, I'm finally in a position to feed my family...please don't take that away from me," he told Revolt, adding "I'm a fucking Drake fan... Drake could diss me 20,000 time and I would never diss him." It's not clear exactly what he was trying to get at with his concert balcony speech, but it looks like there was some negative 6 God magic at work in the theater that night. Let's hope everything stays cool between the two.