Jay Electronica Sent Shots at 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar on New Song "#TBE The Curse of Mayweather"

Yes, this is real.

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While most of the music industry is focused on the upcoming Grammy Awards, Jay Electronica just dropped a new song titled "The Curse of Mayweather." Along with the new track, which is his first release in quite a long time, Jay sent public shots on Twitter at 50 Cent, who just last night said he didn't know who Jay was. "Don't make me expose you as a coward," Jay wrote on Twitter to 50.

On the actual song, Jay also disses 50 with the line, "I might be on Periscope getting pissed, talking reckless, contemplating an all-out war on Fif." While Jay goes directly at 50, it also sounds like he sent some subliminal shots at Kendrick Lamar, who Jay recently called "his baby" during a live video stream. A vocalist on the song mentions Kendrick's 11 Grammy nominations tonight, and then Jay raps, "Maaan, fuck these white people, my grandmother died at 82 scrubbing floors, and n***as still running around begging for awards." In a different series of tweets, Jay told TDE President Dave Free to watch what he says to him and that his man is wack.  

It seems like Jay Electronica is finally ready to get back to actually rapping, and it looks like the issues with 50 won't be going away anytime soon. Does this also mean Jay's long-awaited Act II album is finally about to get pushed out? Who knows the answer to that, but listen to his new song below for now. 

@miyatola @ElliottWilson watch your mouth stay off the swine and get knowledge of self. your mans wack. dont make me crumble your whole shit
and @50cent don't lie to the people. you know me. don't make me expose you as a coward.

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