We're not even a full two months into 2016, but we might already have the troll of the year, and it goes to California rapper KYLE. While KYLE already has a pretty crazy fanbase on his own merit, he decided to pull off an epic joke on a crowd of over 2,000 during a recent show in Austin, Texas. The story goes that right in the middle of the show, KYLE brought out a guy that looked exactly like Future and had his DJ throw on "Fuck Up Some Commas" to make the crowd think that a very special guest had just hit the stage.

Well, as KYLE explained later on Twitter, it was not actually Future, but an imposter that he and his accomplice Brick arranged to come out onto the stage. Not only that, but they even had a fake Metro Boomin out there in the headband and all to completely fool the crowd. It wasn't until the fake Future went backstage and revealed that he wasn't actually Future did everyone realize what just went down. As KYLE wrote on Twitter after, he indeed gets the troll of the year award already. 


and the troll of the year award goes to me 🏆

A video posted by KYLE (@superduperkyle) on Feb 20, 2016 at 8:44pm PST